Specifications underwater housing
* Controls (All mechanical)
* Power On/Off * Record/Standby
* Zoom
* Auto / Manual Focus
* Iris
* Intern “Flip” color correction Filter
* Neutral Density Filter
* White balans Mode/Set
* Controle options
* White balans presettings
* Shutterspeed
* Extended focus
Measurements (approx.)
* 16″ L x 10″ H x 9″ B ” (15” B with handles)
* 41 cm L x 25 cm H x 23 cm B (38 cm B with handles)
* Machined Aluminum, Type III ‘Hard’
Anodize finish. Stainless steel hardware.
Weight (Approx.)
* 22 lbs / 10 kg
* Weight underwater – Slightly negative buoyancy
Depth Rating
* 450 feet / 137 meter
* Batteries : all Sony batteries up to the NP-F970


A simple flat port excellent for close-up videography

Fathom Super Wide Angle Dome port
Up to 120° wide angle capacities with zoom possibilities and no image degradationin the corners

Supported by GREENFORCE underwater lights


3-1/3″ 16:9 Advanced HAD™ CCD Imagers 1,120K Pixels Gross

Advanced HAD™ (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imagers with 1,120K effective (video) pixels provides excellent detail and clarity with exceptional digital video performance. Using a 3 chip Advanced HAD™ CCD system and dichroic prism to separate color information, colors are extremely accurate, and color “bleeding” and “smearing” are greatly reduced. Advanced HAD™ CCD Technology

Enhanced CCD design allows more light to reach the imager which reduces video noise to improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6db (2x better than a standard CCD). Particularly effective when shooting in dark situations. HDV Recording Format

From the innovators in camcorder technology, Sony’s HDR-FX1 camcorder is the world’s first HDV1080i consumer level camcorder and player. Now you can record all your memories in true high-definition video. Switchable HDV/DV Format Recording

The HDR-FX1 is capable of recording and playing back both High Definition and Standard Definition video recorded on standard MiniDV cassettes. Real-time HD Codec Engine

A Sony developed Real Time MPEG Encode/Decode system with reduced in energy consumption and compact size to fit inside a personal camcorder. Provides efficient MPEG2 compression, and recording and playback of clear HD images at the same bit rate of the DV format, so that High Definition video can be recorded on the same cassettes as are used for MiniDV recording. 12X Optical Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens

From the authority in lens technology, the Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® T* lens provides a high quality 12x optical zoom which maintains image clarity and color while reducing glare and flare. 3.5″ Wide Precision Hybrid SwivelScreen™ LCD Display1 (250K Pixels)

Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 250K pixel LCD display makes images sharp and detailed during playback or when monitoring recording. The Hybrid Reflective-Transmissive LCD Screen provides accurate viewing in sunlight or bright light, virtually eliminating the “wash-out” common with traditional LCD Screens. Super SteadyShot® Optical Stabilization System

An advanced form of Sony’s SteadyShot Image Stabilization system that controls an even higher range of shake and vibration frequencies. This optical stabilization system achieves an even higher level of smoothness without degradation of video like some digital stabilization systems. Analog/Digital Conversion with Pass-Through

Convert and/or record any analog NTSC video source to digital video via the analog inputs. Analog NTSC video can also be passed through the digital Handycam camcorder directly into a PC via the i.LINK®2 interface in real-time for easy PC editing of your analog footage. Manual Zoom and Manual Focus Ring

Dual independent Zoom and Focus rings provide precise and detailed control over the amount of zoom and the overall focus of the image with just a turn of the rings. Fast, intuitive framing when zooming, and finely detailed focusing is easy with the natural “feel” of the rings. Expanded Focus Indicator

The camera‘s LCD image is magnified, temporarily, up to 4X its original size without any loss of distortion. This allows the user more finite control while focusing the camera for greater detail and clarity. Picture Profile

Allows the user to set manual adjustments for a scene (color, sharpness, white balance, etc) into any one of six presets, so they can be called up at just the touch of a button. Useful when shooting under the same conditions repeatedly, as options do not have to be re-set each time. Settings for various shooting conditions are offered as defaults. CineFrame™ Recording

Provides the option of recording video at either 30 fps or with a feeling of “film-like” 24 fps. Assignable Buttons

Three buttons on the exterior of the camcorder are user-assignable so that they can be set to the options most commonly utilized, for ease of recording. i.LINK®2 DV Interface (IEEE1394)

A high speed bi-directional digital video/audio communication between two compatible devices equipped with an IEEE1394 interface, including camcorders, digital VCRs, and PCs. MPEG 1 Audio Layer II

The HDR-FX1 records audio in MPEG1 Audio Layer II while recording in HDV format that provides outstanding sound quality even when compressed. In the standard DV format audio is recorded in either 12/16 bit (selectable) PCM Digital Stereo for audio quality that rivals that of a CD. Manual Iris Control

By turning the Iris dial on the side of the camera, the user can manually adjust the amount of light entering the camera. The iris is adjustable from f1.6 to f11, in 24 steps. Shot Transition

Allows for a smooth automatic scene transition. Settings for focus, zoom, iris, gain, shutter, and white balance can be set to the A/B button and a smooth transition will take place according to the set time. This function enables the focus to gradually shift from the front of the screen to a deeper part of the screen. Thus the iris enables a smooth change of depth of field.