• May 30th in 1962.

    I’m Born in Aalst, Belgium on May 30th in 1962.
  • Thailand 1996

    It was during a vacation in Thailand in 1996 that I enjoyed an introduction dive. The impression was overwhelming, my passion for the underwater world was born. It didn’t take long to complete the PADI open water course. In 1996 I went on to achieve my PADI “Advanced Open Water,” “Rescue Diver” and “dive master” certification.
  • 1997 - First Underwater Video Footage

    It was in 1997 that I realised how difficult it was to express, the incredible feeling one experiences underwater. I started, equipped with the very first Sony digital video cameras (PC-7 and PC10) housed in an Ikelite housing and Ikelite lights to make my first underwater video footage.
  • 1998 - Padi Instructor

    I kept on developing my knowledge and skills to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Medic First Aid Instructor in 1998.
  • 1998 - Bali/Indonesia Filming

    My passion for underwater filming just kept on growing and in 1998 I undertook my first trip to Bali-Indonesia for filming. This trip decided on my future as a diver when I met Wally Siagian who’s knowledge and passion got me hooked on the world of small sea creatures.
  • May 2000

    In May 2000 I travelled again from Thailand to Bali and further onwards to the Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago and Marquesas islands in French Polynesia. It was an unforgettable journey and adventure. Fantastic underwater video footage was the result.
  • May 2002 - "The Lembeh Strait"

    In May 2002 I experienced one of the most fascinating months in my life ever with beautiful diving in Bunaken National Park and a wonderful place named ‘The Lembeh Strait’. Here I would return many times !!
  • 2003 - premiere footage of the nudibranch ‘Hypselodoris zebrina’

    In 2003 I finally started to make an inventory of my underwater images. This leads to the discovery of the world premiere footage of the nudibranch ‘Hypselodoris zebrina’ of which photos can be found on the website of the Australian Museum of Science in Sydney, Australia. I started working on my first documentary “The most beautiful camouflages. In April 2003 for the first time I took part in an international underwater film festival in Strasbourg, France. It was the beginning of my breakthrough in the world of underwater videographers and marvellous results with wins in Czech republic & Japan pushed me further. In late 2003 I brought a first visit to the underwater world of the Red Sea.
  • 2004 - My first Golden Fin in Antibes & the tsunami in Thailand

    In 2004 I became a member of CMAS – FEBRAS – CMAS – PADI. The Belgian diving federation selects me to represent Belgium at the 1st CMAS underwater video world championships in Italy. At the European Festival for underwater images in Strasbourg my second documentary ‘The world of Gastropods’ went in première. 2004 became a successful year with numerous wins and podium places at international film festivals. In late 2004, a period of contradictions. December 2004: RTBF television buys the rights for a first TV broadcast of my documentary. An absolute highlight. On December 26, 2004, I witnessed the devastating tsunami during my stay in Thailand. I was very lucky to escape.
  • 2006 - Bronze Fin - Antibes

    2006 became a fascinating year; I produced 10 short films for the Muzee (Sea museum) in Scheveningen. At the World Festival of Underwater Images in Antibes I’m awarded with the bronze fin. A big change …
  • My 2nd Golden Fin in Antibes with my first docu in high definition "The Windows of Life"

    New camera equipment and the transition to High Definition Video is a fact. In 2007 I focused on the production of “The windows of life” my first docu in High Definition Video. With this film I won almost all underwater film festivals in the world I participated in. 2007 was a marvelous successful year and this success ran well into 2008.
  • 2008 - 'Golden Fin professional productions" Antibes

    In 2008, all my attention was focused on the production of my first long documentary. At the 35st World Festival of Underwater Images in Antibes, the film went in world premiere. To my surprise I win for the first time the ‘Golden Vin ‘ in the professional category with my documentary ‘Lembeh : Weird & Wonderful’. In this documentary my world première footage of Kyonemichthys Rumengani better known as the Lembeh Pygmy Seadragon.
  • 2009 – World première footage of the Ambon frogfish

    In 2009 I also filmed the world première footage of the Ambon frogfish (Histiophryne psychedelica). Up to today I think I’m the only person in the world with marvellous video footage of this extreme seldom seen fish
  • 2011 - 2nd time highest award...

    In 2011 I participate again at the World Festival of Underwater Images in Marseille, France. With my documentary ‘La loi de la faim’ I win for the 4th time the highest possible award for any underwater film producer worldwide. The 2nd time in professional productions !
  • 2012 - 2021

    These days I’m commissioner for Diving 4 Pictures Co. Ltd. – Thailand organizing the HUGYCUP an international underwater photo & video shoot-out competition. I join on dive trips with workshops in underwater videography & photography, sell underwater footage, I’m available as underwater cameraman and photographer, produce documentaries and so far released 2 DVD’s and 1 Bluray, I contributed to several books with my photographs. My dive logbook stands for the moment at more than 5000 dives. After all this diving the thrill and excitement when discovering new things is still enormous. This nature treasure hunting passion is something I would like to share with all those interested and I invite you to join me on one of the trips organized by Diving 4 Pictures Co. Ltd. Thailand
  • 20222022 - The story continues

    In the last few years my divetrips allowed me to discover the fascinating underwater world of French Polynesia, Christmas island Australia, The remote area's of Indonesia like Cenderawasih bay and her whale sharks. I also intensified my activities around underwater photography. In 2021 I participated for the 1st time at the World Championship Underwater photography in Porto Santo - portugal. In 2022 at the European Championship underwater photography. In the mean time i'm also busy working on a series of 10 documentaries of 26 minutes together with Ilse de gendt & Gino Rosiers.
  • 20232023 A new highlight

    The diving and discovering of the amazing underwaterworld continues and for a 2nd time I have the privilige to represent Belgium, at the 19th CMAS World Championship Underwater photography. Awarded a Bronze medal in fishportrait, a 5th place in creative photography and a 5th place in theme photography. This Championship, held in Varadero - Cuba, is the ultimate stimulus to continue my quest for the most beautiful images of the underwater world. in my logbook dive no. 5600 is coming very near !